My story begins at the age of five, when I would consistently see a white glowing hand reach out to me every time I entered my parent’s bedroom. As the hand materialized out of thin air, it would reach out as if to grasp me. The closer the hand came to my face, the more my vision would blur and a whooshing sound would drown out my hearing. Out of fear, I would shut my eyes tightly wishing the hand to dematerialize once again. This experience would happen on a near daily basis. Attempting to explain this situation to my parents resulted in confusion and an overactive imagination as an explanation. However, this explanation was also keeping secret a legacy that was not known to me until years later.

I am the fourth generation of women in my family that is intuitive and I am a claircognizant empath. As a tribute to the women who came before me, hiding what they knew and felt, I am taking this personal journey in embracing my gifts.

I’ve lived most of my life just knowing and feeling.

I am an educated, skeptical, logical, rational person. I also happen to believe in practices, experiences, and tools that cannot be proven in traditional scientific ways. I hold a PhD in Learning & Technology which blends Educational Psychology with Instructional Design. My Master of Arts is in Industrial/Organizational Psychology which provides me with insight into how organizations work, their culture, their people. Lastly, my Bachelor of Science is in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry.

One constant in my life has been my quest to know the unknown, to research and discover, to explore and learn more. This has led me on a path that initially started with research – spending 11 years conducting studies and looking into how people learn – and which has now led me towards a study of divinatory practices.

How do I explain myself? How do I rationalize having a dichotomy of beliefs? I don’t. My beliefs and life experiences have uniquely shaped me and provide me with a unique perspective on the things that have yet to happen.