I was hesitant to believe at first because some of the events that were revealed in the readings hadn’t happened yet, but there were 3 specific readings that confirmed for me that this was in fact real. The first was 2 years ago when a reading revealed a work event would take place that although… Continue reading Emma M.

Emma M.

I’ve been so impressed with all the readings I have received from Midnight Crab Oracle! She is exceptional and a very talented psychic. At first I was a bit skeptical of psychics, but every reading I have received has been absolutely spot on. I have received readings on my love life, friendships, and career. She… Continue reading D. C.

D. C.

I reached out to Midnight Crab Oracle on a recommendation, and without question, she is one of the best readers that I’ve ever met. She does an awesome job of isolating the truth (cutting through the excess or my blindspots) and helping me see exactly what blocks/limits are cropping up and why. She works from… Continue reading R. C.

R. C.

If I had to describe myself with regards to readings, I would say doubtful non-believer. I went along with getting a reading at the request of my wife and never expected for any of it to become a reality. The thing that resonated with me the most about the reading was not only the actual… Continue reading Al K.

Al K.

Excellent insight and guidance. Helped clarify things for me. 10/10 would recommend.


I can’t say enough about how on point my readings have been. We have never met in person, all my readings have been via email but she tapped into the smallest detail- like my having issues with my shoulder! Spooky accurate and explains the cards in a simple no woo woo way. I am more… Continue reading Paloma