Emma M.

I was hesitant to believe at first because some of the events that were revealed in the readings hadn’t happened yet, but there were 3 specific readings that confirmed for me that this was in fact real. The first was 2 years ago when a reading revealed a work event would take place that although did not involve me would affect me. Just as she said something happened during the timeframe predicted. The next event was involving a death not of a family member but an acquaintance. I did not know of anyone that was sick, but sure enough there was an unexpected death. The third event happened within the last 6 months. It involved a business transaction where the readings revealed that it would not go through although all the parties involved provided assurances. In addition a subsequent reading predicted that another party would make the transaction happen and it happened within the timeframe predicted. Each time I approach the readings with a healthy dose of skepticism, but each time I’m blown away with the accuracy. I don’t always ask specific questions but rather like to see what is revealed or comes through. Each time I’m humbled by the true gift these readings provide.