The Pendulum Series

The Pendulum Series: Introduction

You’ve seen them while walking around shops or browsing through Etsy. An interesting crystal catches your eye. It’s usually in the shape of an arrowhead, an arrow dangling from a chain and pointing to things unknown. Sometimes crystal beads climb up the chain and other times there’s just a decorative charm at the end. Rose quartz, green aventurine, black obsidian, amethyst – each one has its own energy, but only one calls out to you. Focusing your attention on it, you notice minute details you hadn’t noticed at first. The coloring of the crystal changes, there’s a slight imperfection, what once felt light now has some weight to it in your hand. Having never held one, you still know just how to hold it, placing the chain over your forefinger and securing it with your thumb. It feels natural and somehow you know it belongs to you. You’ve just been matched with a pendulum.

As you grasp the chain between your thumb and forefinger, the crystal begins to slowly spin, almost reading your mind before you have asked a question. You excuse it. It must have been the slight tremor in your hand or your arm, feeling heavy, lowered imperceptibly. But as your fingertips start tingling and the crystal changes the direction of its spin, you wonder…

Join us every Monday for Midnight Crab Oracle’s Pendulum Series. Each week we will explore different topics surrounding pendulums from historical use to best practices. If there are specific questions you would like answered, comment below and we will be sure to include them in the following week’s post.

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