Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Celebrating Success

We’ve put in the work, we’ve sacrificed even when we didn’t want to, and today’s reading is letting us know that it was all for the best. We did it. We made it. It was worth it. If there was ever good news, this would be it.

So why is it leaving us with the question of ‘now what’? What’s the next step after success? According to The One Misconception About Success, Tsatiris (2020) tells us that our focus should be on the journey, not the success or what comes after. Not paying attention to the journey we take to reach our goals is an issue. We think that achieving success will be what makes us happy, but the reality is that these feelings can be short-lived. There is so much that goes into reaching our goals that a lot of times, starts with growth and change. While there are basic ideas of what it means to be successful that cross cultures and people, there is still some level of subjectivity. What does being successful mean to us? Only we can know if we feel we have reached it.

And that is the point right there. If we don’t stop to celebrate our accomplishments on our way to being successful, how do we signal to ourselves that we have made it? Carmody (2015) explains in 3 Reasons Celebrating Your Many Accomplishments Is Critical to Your Success that celebrating strengthens our will to keep going when the going gets tough. If we allow ourselves the acknowledgement that we have met a goal or reached a level we hadn’t been at before, we reinforce in ourselves the good feelings that come with accomplishment. We will remember that feeling when we reach obstacles, allowing us to keep going. We will power through.

So how do we celebrate our success? By doing whatever puts a smile on our face. We did it. There are no rules on how we should celebrate it.

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