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Beyond the Reading: Surviving Change

What is it about change that stresses us out? We want to feel excited and happy, looking forward to something different and new. But, every time we are faced with a big change, we freeze, we start planning out everything wrong that can happen, just in case. We’ve spent years pushing ourselves towards change – jobs, homes, places, taking every opportunity that is presented in front of us. On the outside we seem to thrive off it, jumping from one thing to the next. On the inside, our heart is pounding so hard we hear it in our ears.

Today’s reading is about change, big change, the change that starts a whole new chapter of our lives. We pulled this card twice. We know it’s coming and yet…we still had to double-check. Sreenivasan and Weinberger (2018) think the trick to change is reframing it in a positive light as they outline in Surviving Change. View the change as an opportunity for growth, to learn, to start fresh. Convert the feeling of fear into excitement, the feeling of sadness into looking forward to other people and places, new opportunities. But what if it’s change we didn’t even ask for?

Monfore says we have to understand the difference between who we are as a person and our behaviors in 7 Truths of Surviving Change. While we adapt and change and grow and learn, there is still a part of us that stays the same. It is the ‘essence’ of who we are: what we love to do, what matters to us, what brings out the best in us, and our unique way of thinking. These things evolve but are always there. If we focus on the fact that change helps us grow and not remove our essence, fear can be lessened from the process. We can hold onto our essence and count on it, no matter what happens.

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