The Pendulum Series

The Pendulum Series: Finding Your Match

When it comes to choosing the right pendulum, having options can feel overwhelming. Pendulums come in many different materials as well as slight variations in shape and weight. The traditional triangular shape that we see in stores and online is just one of several options. Ground Gaia highlights the different shapes from chambered to spiral and their uses in A Spiritual Guide to Pendulums.

While many people find that the shape is important, we have always focused more on the material – wood, metal, semi-precious gemstones, crystals. Instant Karma lists the metaphysical properties of several pendulum materials in Different Pendulums and Their Uses. My Little Magic Shop suggests the five best pendulums for getting answers and the five best pendulums for healing in How to Choose a Pendulum. When searching there will be certain styles and materials that just click.

Our first pendulum was a triangular green aventurine. We walked into a store and it immediately caught our eye. From the tingle in our fingers as we picked it up, we knew it was ours. Green aventurine is said to clear out the heart chakra. So we strung it on a necklace and wore it. Soon after we noticed that the pendulum would slow down and almost click before answering, as if it was gummed up and there was a hitch somewhere. Even after cleansing, there was still a slowing down that made it easier for us to influence the answers. It seemed that as an empath, green aventurine (especially since we were wearing it over our heart) was not the best option for a pendulum. While an excellent crystal for empath protection and a great necklace, we were able to connect to it in such a way that the pendulum was reading our energy, our desires and providing that as answers.

Since that time, we’ve tried amethyst, clear quartz, dalmatian jasper, and brass pendulums. While the dalmatian jasper and brass pendulums worked well, we have had the most luck with a metal fish necklace gifted to us by a dear friend’s grandmother.

Fish Necklace – No idea what it’s made of, but one of our most prized possessions.

And that there is the whole point. Choosing a pendulum is a unique experience for everyone. All the rules and suggestions and guidelines ultimately don’t matter. There is no rule that says your pendulum has to be made specifically as a pendulum in a particular shape and size. You have to go with what feels right, what offers a connection. Keep trying until you find the right one, it’s out there.

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