Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Finding Peace

While the topic of today’s reading is a simple one, achieving a state of ‘peace’ can be elusive for so many of us. When we hear the word peace we think of a calmness that overcomes, a stillness that slows down our anxiety and stress. Puff (2017) believes the key to reaching this state of being is through nature, as he outlines in How to Find Inner Peace. It’s being outside in an environment that elicits silence and stillness. Taking time daily to appreciate nature and the outside reduces stress. We become more aware of our surroundings when we just focus on what is outside. After a while we notice that there are so many different things to see and hear. The key is to disconnect from anything else that may draw away our attention. We only focus on what is around us and sit still in the moment.

But if nature isn’t our thing, Edberg (2020) lists out 15 other things to do to help us reach peace in How to Find Inner Peace: 15 Things You Can Start Doing Today. From setting limits, to decluttering, to simply breathing, all the things on this list are general best practices that we should be applying to our lives, regardless if our goal is inner peace or not. Ultimately, the point is to get to know ourselves without the distraction of our normal environment. We need to set aside time to be alone with our own thoughts, to work through whatever is bothering us that we usually ignore. Eventually this becomes second nature. We start craving this simple, silent, alone time. Just a moment or two to relax, to calm, to get us back to a baseline of peace.

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

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