Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Self-Satisfaction

We all see the articles talking about which steps to take towards happiness, how to improve self-confidence, how to become satisfied with your life, how to appreciate what you have, etc. But what about self-satisfaction? Now, we don’t mean being smug or overly proud of ourselves. We are using 'self-satisfaction' to describe a justified happiness… Continue reading Beyond the Reading: Self-Satisfaction

Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Finding Peace

While the topic of today's reading is a simple one, achieving a state of 'peace' can be elusive for so many of us. When we hear the word peace we think of a calmness that overcomes, a stillness that slows down our anxiety and stress. Puff (2017) believes the key to reaching this state of… Continue reading Beyond the Reading: Finding Peace

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Illustrated Herbiary

For today’s daily reading, we used Maia Toll’s The Illustrated Herbiary oracle deck. While these 36 gilt-edged cards depicting herbs, fruits, and flowers are gorgeous, the book itself is the showstopper. Maia’s words combined with Kate O’Hara’s illustrations are what make this set truly magical. From the vibrant colors to the thought-provoking quotes, there’s a… Continue reading Book Review: The Illustrated Herbiary