Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Believing in Fate

Today's reading tells us to essentially trust in the process because what's happening is fated and important. These are comforting words especially for those of us that believe in fate, but what if we don't? What if we aren't sure that fate or destiny or a higher power has any impact on the choices we… Continue reading Beyond the Reading: Believing in Fate

Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Breaking a Cycle

Today's reading encourages us to recognize when we are in a cycle. While it may seem obvious to other people when we exhibit a pattern of reacting to people, places, and things in a certain way, we may not recognize it in ourselves. While breaking the cycle is hard, realizing that we are in one,… Continue reading Beyond the Reading: Breaking a Cycle

The Pendulum Series

The Pendulum Series: Basics

Let’s start with the basics, the top three questions: What Is A Pendulum? A pendulum is simply a suspended, non-magnetic weight that swings back and forth. Pendulums come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. There are mathematical and mechanical reasons for its use, but using a pendulum as a divination tool for spiritual work is… Continue reading The Pendulum Series: Basics

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Illustrated Herbiary

For today’s daily reading, we used Maia Toll’s The Illustrated Herbiary oracle deck. While these 36 gilt-edged cards depicting herbs, fruits, and flowers are gorgeous, the book itself is the showstopper. Maia’s words combined with Kate O’Hara’s illustrations are what make this set truly magical. From the vibrant colors to the thought-provoking quotes, there’s a… Continue reading Book Review: The Illustrated Herbiary