Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Inner Strength

Today’s reading had us focus on our Earth/Gaia placement within our natal chart. For those of us not sure what all of that means, Mystica Astrology has an excellent article explaining what this placement tells us about ourselves as well as, how it coordinates and impacts our Sun placement. With a 4th house Cancer Sun, our Earth/Gaia placement is within Capricorn. While we can easily go down a rabbit hole deciphering what all of that means for us, the main takeaway is this idea of staying grounded by focusing on our inner strength.

Inner strength. Tenacity. Willpower. Courage. Endurance. Ojha (2018) believes that showing inner strength consists of ultimately taking a compassionate action. In What is Inner Strength and How Do We Cultivate It?, Ojha (2018) explains the steps that demonstrate inner strength lead to cultivating compassion: mindfulness, observance of emotions, responding instead of reacting. The idea is to temper our emotions and think about how we want to respond to situations instead of immediately reacting. It all seems wonderful, but how do we reach a point where we have the willpower to cultivate compassion in difficult situations? How do we build our inner strength?

Daum (2017) offers suggestions in 9 Ways to Build Your Inner Strength, Hauck (2016) offers a practice in 10 Steps to Finding Inner Strength, and Zilca (2010) explains that inner strength isn’t just mental but also physical in Building Inner Strength. While each approach is slightly different, there is a common theme of focusing inward, practicing mindfulness, and letting go of fear. It’s this last part that has us thinking. Maybe that’s the key – minimizing the fear in our life. It makes sense. That feeling of power and strength that comes when we don’t have fear. What if inner strength is simply not living a fear-based life?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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