Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Seizing Opportunities

Take advantage of what comes our way, act quickly, pursue it because we don’t know for how long this opportunity will be available. There’s an urgency attached to the words ‘seizing opportunities’. We don’t want to let something good pass us by. We don’t want to be the one that missed out on something. We don’t want to look back and have regrets.

Today’s reading provides us with the initial steps to manifesting the things that we want. Now before anyone rolls their eyes and thinks we are just throwing around trendy buzzwords – let’s first frame manifesting as a healthy positive outlook on life that allows us to believe in ourselves. From that viewpoint, the first step in this newfound ‘enlightened’ process is to actually seize opportunities that come our way. This life isn’t about taking a passive role, we have to actively participate if we want things to happen, if we want to reach our goals. So, how do we do that?

In How to Seize Your Opportunities and Take on Challenges, Bokhari (2020) says that it starts with clear goals and happens when we take consistent action. If we think about it, this makes sense. Once we figure out what we actually want, it makes it easier to work towards those things. We also need to make sure that we aren’t passively waiting for things to happen to us. If we take consistent action, we know that we are doing all we can to help things along, to ensure that there is progress.

While Ledbetter (2016) mentions that it is important we value ourselves and make sure we are confident, the most interesting thing she mentions in 5 Ways to Seize a New Opportunity with Confidence is this idea of resiliency.

Just because we take a risk does not mean it will work out. There will be times when things don’t go our way. There will be times when the opportunity we seized was not the right one. There will be times when things start out great and then take a sharp turn. This doesn’t mean that we then stop taking risks. This doesn’t mean that we stop seizing opportunities.

Want to know how to seize opportunities? Keep an eye out, take a risk, pick yourself up if you fall, and keep doing it. Keep doing it until you believe it. Keep doing it until it happens. Keep (dare we say) manifesting.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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