Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Lifelong Friendships

Ask about lifelong friendships and we get: “It’s rare. It’s a blessing. It’s something to cherish.” What is it about these friendships that make us feel the people who have them are so lucky? In today’s reading we are told to step forward and embrace the new things coming our way, to not be afraid because our friends have our back. These are the friends that have been through it all with us. These are the friends that grow with us. These are the friends that accept us as we are – the lifelong friends.

A beautiful sentiment. An inspiring message. But how are some people able to hold onto these friendships while others just have them fizzle out? According to 7 Signs You’ve Made a Friend for Life, there are certain signs that let us know when a friendship is ‘legit’ and has staying power. Some of the signs are there with any friendship – the laughing, the having a good time, the being there for each other when you need it the most, but these alone don’t necessarily inspire a lifelong commitment. Being honest, being adaptable, and making time for each other rings a little more true in terms of staying power.

Life is messy and unpredictable (this coming from someone who attempts to predict life situations every day). We can prepare, we can manifest, we can do everything ‘right’ and still free will can make it go sideways every time.

We know when we have a special friendship. We know when we have met someone that just gets us – no explanations required. And yet…we have also been in situations where this person that once knew us so well they could finish our sentences, is a stranger after a few years. We drift apart and go from unable to imagine not speaking to them every day to maybe sending a text every few months. On the flip side we have people that we don’t speak with for months and when we finally do, it is as if time stood still. We pick up right where we left off with an easiness that is truly something to cherish. These are the friends that we know will always be there. Maybe not with our day to day minutiae but for the big moments or even the ones where no else would understand.

So do we think there is a way to ensure a friendship has staying power? Honestly, no. But we think there really are signs in a friendship that clue us into staying power potential. For us it is has always been if we are able to pick up the phone, call the person and have a conversation as if no time has passed by.

Image by Tomasz Proszek from Pixabay

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