Lunar Lore

Lunar Lore: Taurus New Moon – May 2021

New moons are synonymous with new beginnings, fresh starts, harnessing energy to reach goals. It’s a time to pick affirmations that support a fresh set of intentions. During this lunar phase, some people feel more energized, sleeping less and waking up earlier. Today’s new moon is in Taurus, which brings with it an indulgent energy that is connected to experiencing sensual moments and making sure those moments make us feel good. There is a desire for having our needs met and having them met immediately. This energy, coupled with the energy of a new moon, propels us into a determined state for reaching our goals. What we want becomes what we need.

Taurus New Moon Ritual using The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Deck

Apple – Forbidden Fruit

The first step is to focus on sensation. Taurus is sensual and we start by tapping into that. The Apple tells us to pay attention to what is around us. Focus on each sense and explore what we experience. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, release and then pay attention. Try to focus on what you hear around you. Then move on to what you feel around you. What do you experience when you are still and not preoccupied with anything else?

Marshmallow – A Spoonful of Sugar

The second step is to soften your rough edges. Marshmallow is meant to soften and soothe slowly but surely so that you once again experience the sweetness of life. Now that you have let your focus zero in on your senses, what feels particularly sharp? What stood out to you or even jarred you? Maybe something intruded your focus and your mind wandered towards a worry or fear. That’s what needs to be softened and soothed. Focus on that and ask yourself why. Why do you have this worry or fear?

Rosemary – Remembrance

The last step is to remember. The smell of rosemary alone can enhance memory. We are being asked to think back to when this worry or fear first appeared. Remember what the situation was, what actually happened. This is not to hurtle you back into reliving the past. You are being asked to acknowledge that it originated somewhere so that you can address it. With this information, you can now set intentions focused on releasing what follows you. Craft words that refocus your thoughts on resolving.

Write down what you experienced. What are some things that you can focus on to reframe what is worrying you? Remember, your intentions are the actions you commit to take.


For a look at how this lunar phase impacts your sign specifically, check out Sesay’s (2021) article The New Moon in Taurus Prioritizes Radical Self Care—Here’s How Your Sign Can Make the Most of It.

For information on what this energy is meant for, check out Brown’s (2021) article May 2021’s Mindful New Moon In Taurus Was Made for Getting Clear On Your Desires.

For tips on rituals and things to do during this lunar phase, check out The AstroTwins’ (2021) article 7 Ways To Tap Into The Sensual & Steadying Energy Of The Taurus New Moon.   

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