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Book Review: The Empath’s Quest – Finding Your Destiny

The Empath’s Quest by Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson took me on an interesting journey that I was convinced I would hate. And yet, I’m sitting here pleasantly surprised and feeling like I truly learned things from reading this book.

When I first purchased this book, I somehow was under the impression that it was going to be a how-to for empaths. I was in search of something that would give me guidance on steps I should be taking to protect my energy, tips I can use when I find myself in situations where I feel overwhelmed, and an understanding of what it means to be an empath.

You see, after many years of trying to understand the emotions I seem to soak up from other people and the situations I’ve been in that somehow allow me to completely understand and feel exactly where someone else is coming from – I have finally accepted the label of empath. That being said, I’m still the first one to call out anything that seems too “new age” or “woo woo.”

The Empath’s Quest follows the story of Alex who is an older male spiritual teacher that is on a trip with three younger female students making their way to experience sacred sites in Arizona.

Yes, all of that gave me pause.

However, I was relieved to discover that the story mainly focused on Alex and uses the trip as a way to take the reader on a journey down Alex’s memory lane. This is significant only because it allows for the authors to explain the idea of timelines, how everything is connected, and the importance of staying open to experiences.

If there’s one thing that I would pick out, that is the most important thing I learned from reading this book, is the idea that as an empath I am supposed to allow emotions to flow through me and ground into the earth. Allegedly, I do this by visualizing the different elements, especially water, going through me and flowing other’s emotions with the element out of me.

Not the most technical explanation and certainly makes less sense with me paraphrasing what I read in the book – however, I appreciate the authors’ way of using their character’s story to provide an example and explain exactly what they mean by paying attention to the energy surrounding you and making decisions based on what the energy is telling you. If nothing else, the authors provided me with an easy way of understanding what it means to be an empath that honestly makes sense.

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