Book Reviews

Book Review: The Empath’s Quest – Finding Your Destiny

The Empath's Quest by Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson took me on an interesting journey that I was convinced I would hate. And yet, I'm sitting here pleasantly surprised and feeling like I truly learned things from reading this book. When I first purchased this book, I somehow was under the impression that it was… Continue reading Book Review: The Empath’s Quest – Finding Your Destiny

Beyond the Reading

Beyond the Reading: Empathy & Self-Expression

In yesterday's reading, we were provided the simple (yet difficult to execute) message of using empathy as an opportunity for our own self-expression. In Raise Self Esteem with the Lifeblood of Empathy, Bolton (2009) refers to empathy as lifeblood. When someone takes the time and effort to understand our emotions, to understand our side of… Continue reading Beyond the Reading: Empathy & Self-Expression